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letter to Wall Street Journal


Your exhaustive report on the scientific accuracy of several predictions and prophesies in the Quran is timely and well-intentioned. The western civilization - especially the scientific community -had always looked askance at anything that was foretold in the eastern wisdom, be it from the Quran or the Vedic Upanishads of India. While the Quran dates back fifteen centuries, the Vedas and the Upanishads are, admittedly, 50 to 100 centuries earlier than even the Holy Bible.

The Vedas record original theories, formulae, axioms etc. in diverse fields such as Astronomy, Space Science, Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra,Higher Mathematics etc. Some of these have taken the Western Physists several centuries to develop, independently. The very high degree of the Indian proficiency in Mathematics ( the late Ramanujam for example) has baffled modern science. The theorems of Euclid were only reststements of what the Vedas said centuries before him! The Vedas also have the distinction of giving to the world the numerals and the concept of the zero.

The origin and sequence of the creation of the universe, the cause-effect thereof, the characteristics of space and the galaxies, the planets, the stars, the black-holes, sub-atomic particles are all chronicled there, precisely. The lack of dimensions of the universe, its uniformity, the speed of light, the concept of time-space relationship and what transcends it, timelessness and spacelessness, the interchangeability of energy and matter and the astonishing proposition of 'mind being matter' are all there with scientifically acceptable arguments and evidence. Newton's Law of Gravitation, the lawsof motion, the globe nature of the earth, the universe being spherical, a graphic description of the solar system with the Sun as the centre piece are all stated with amazing precision. It is also stated that the universe is continuously expanding .

Astral changes over the past period, some cataclysmic, are also recorded. The age of the universe has been reckoned very close to the figure confirmed by modern science. Who created the universe, where was the matter for this coming from, what is the one law that governs all other physical laws of the universe - questions which currently haunt the great scientific minds all over the world-,are all answered and available for close scrutiny.

What is needed is a 'mental shift' among scientists towards the eastern wisdom of the Quaran and the Vedas, and a genuine inclination and willingness to widen their enquiry. Petty prejudices towards the East have only added to their labours in 're-inventing the wheel' in many fields.

Your journal has done well in highlighting one neglected aspect of scientific pursuit. Perhaps,you could follow-up on this by opening an international debate.


23 January 2002

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