Women Must Have Draupadi Mindset

I agree with what you two have said. But, remember that Draupadi lived in better times. there were less of rascals and more of sensible men in Society.

Duryodhana bribed his supporters in various forms, so could carry on for long, Dharmaputra had nothing to offer his supporters. To-day, society is full of only rascals.

The sane and sensible are exceptions, and even they are mute when wrongs are perpetrated.

So, what is the answer. Of course, a full scale battle, and has started in Delhi and across the country.

Every Indian, including children, of all classes and castes have taken a position, or soon will. They are all victims of atrocities against women of all ages, either as victims or as parents, brothers, husbands or dear friends.

The only ones indifferent are the criminally minded, the Government including the Legislators and the ministers, the bureaucratic system including the President of India, and some politicians. Read Carlyle's French Revolution, and you will find a striking parallel between the situation in Paris on the eve of the revolution and that before the next Parliament election. The only difference is the democratic mind-set prevalent in India.

The Indian Womanhood will succeed, sure they will. Even without the Women Reservation Bill being passed, they will be a very very large number of articulate women in the next Parliament and a Mulayam Singh or Lalu will have to look for cover. The police will find its place. This change must come. It will.


From: Usha Venkat
3. Januar 2013 03:54
Women Must Have Draupadi Mindset

Knowing how men view them and positioning themselves accordingly is definitely crucial to women's safety. However, here are some thoughts on this matter...

Rape and violence against women have deeper, psychological triggers and research in sociology shows, have little to do with the way women dress or dance.

The man who does these things has very low self esteem, high frustration because of job or economic related reasons, or alcohol consumption, or psychiatric conditions.

Researchers have conclusively established that these are the triggers that lead to victimising someone who is physically weak - be it a pretty girl, a disabled person, an 80 year old woman (in Mumbai many elderly women in their homes get robbed, raped and killed by intruders), young boys or the girl child).. This has little to do with sexual desire or titillating dances by Mallikka Sherawat! Rape is about establishing one's power over someone and not because of lust. By keeping women fully draped, and not letting them move freely, we are only curtailing a human right and moving towards an Islamic mindset. In the West, more rapes and of subtler varieties (date rape, rape in marriage) are reported boldly because women know exactly what to do under the circumstances.

The unfortunate part in India, is that the victim gets stigmatised and does not come forward to seek justice, or simply does not know what to do.

Most people, man or woman victimised by a rogue are completely ignorant of their rights or the law of the land. The law makers and peace keepers in India have little credibility and posit no refuge.

Therefore, victims- man, woman or child -

  • should learn martial arts
  • schools should teach children right wrong and their rights, and respect for fellow beings
  • women should learn basic tactics for protecting themselves
  • women in India should boldly, a la Draupadi, bring the culprits to justice and not feel stigmatised
  • all Indians, should scream, shout and bring about a Mahabharata yudham, if they see injustice anywhere, or anybody being wronged in the slightest way.
  • why should women adjust themselves to suit men's minds? Why can't all Indians question their values and the hypocritical way they view each other?

Why can't we all change our mindsets. For every Draupadi, let's have an Arjuna or Bheema, for every Duryodhana a Mahajudham.


Usha Venkat

On 02-Jan-2013, at 1:03 PM, Satish wrote:

This does not appear to be practical in these difficult times for a women to choose Draupadi as their role model.

Draupadi cohabited with five powerful and virtuous husbands and furthermore the great Lord Krishna also protected her and unfailingly came to her rescue whenever her husbands failed to protect her. Draupadi had a level playing field as compared to modern day women.

Our political leadership comprised of Sonia Gandhi and others as well as the Opposition party do not even want to pass the Women's Reservation Bill reserving equal number of seats in Parliament for women let alone amend the law relating to protection of women. This is because, they fear that this would weaken their hold and upset all their calculations about controlling the electorate.

We live in a trigger happy world where innocent children get shot at in schools; Many innocent children were massacred in Nithari (Noida). Child prostitution is a way of life a few blocks away from the PM's office. There is total lawlessness and apathy towards crime directed on the innocent citizens who walk down the streets of Delhi and the other metros.

These days dangerous and mentally sick criminals thrive around freely in the streets and good and law abiding citizens opt to stay indoors in their safe and self imposed prisons. Discretion is indeed the better part of valor. Going outdoors for anyone in a city like Delhi or Mumbai (let alone women) is unsafe since many a time the victim to a crime is not even found for the police to register a crime and all evidence is totally destroyed by the criminal (the Nithari killings in Noida).

Women in India have to, therefore, carefully position and place themselves with men in society and come to terms with the ground reality of lawlessness. When they portray themselves in public domain where there is lawlessness, they are bound to deal with the present day male criminal who is a less evolved human being capable of behaving and becoming a rabid dog mercilessly going about infecting and hurting innocent people.

Just as one one takes extreme safety precautions and protective gear while stepping into a dangerous jungle where a pack of hungry wolves are thriving or whilst swimming in a shark infested area of the sea, or an unhygienic place infested with dengue causing mosquitoes, women will have to position themselves with the same degree of care and precaution when delving into a domain of criminal minded and less evolved men. This means they must be careful and conscious about how they are being viewed by men. They way women portray themselves in the movies and how some women conduct themselves in public is an invitation to criminally inclined men to perpetrate crimes against women. When a Mallika Sherawat bares all in a film she is making the streets less safe for women and children from the criminal acts of these sick men. When a girl steps out late in the night she is bound to become an easy prey to these criminals.

Love, Satish

On Jan 1, 2013, Usha Venkat wrote:

Yes, I fully support this view and mothers and fathers should bring up their children - both sons and daughters to be bold, just and independent.

Usha Venkat

On 01-Jan-2013, Mohan Murti wrote:

Women Must Have Draupadi Mindset

As long as there are men, sick in mind with a Duryodana mindset, there will be rape.
And, the best way to prevent rapes is to put such monsters in men's clothing behind bars, castrate them and, thereby deprive them of their dangerous weapon - their precious manhood.
It high time women change their 'Sita' and 'Savitri' mindset of infinite forbearance - bearing all injustice silently, always insecure, foundling and spreading the patriarchal values.

Women must now take on "Draupadi" as role model with her unconventional lifestyle and thirst for justice and vengeance. She was one who while doing all her rightful duties, was willing and bold enough to take a stand. In some ways, she upheld the honor of women for all times and, is a role model of patience, virtue, and bravery.



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